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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Smart Baker - now on facebook

I often talk about The Smart Baker here on my blog.  Those of you who have been reading Ice Cream Before Dinner for some time read as my husband and I came up with the idea for the Measurement Conversion apron.  Then you read as I posted how the apron made it into an article in Food Network Magazine's December 2009 issue.  Since then, I've written about Craft Fairs we've done as The Smart Baker, and new products like Kitchen Towels and Cupcake and Dessert Towers.  You've always written me nice comments about our products and I enjoy reading every single one of them.  I've always appreciated the support of my blog's readers. 

The Smart Baker has been doing great.  In November we traveled to California to meet with a mail order catalogue about carrying our aprons (set to print for the first time this April).  We're currently in another mail order catalogue and several retail stores.  I am so excited to keep watching our little business grow!  

So I'm inviting you, my friends and readers, to follow The Smart Baker on Facebook.  Yep, we've joined facebook and we'll be posting recipes, coupon codes, giveaways, specials for facebook fans only and new product info.  Please help me spread the word about The Smart Baker!  
Either search "The Smart Baker" on Facebook or click here - The Smart Baker on Facebook.  (not sure if that link will always work, so just search the business name if the link becomes broken).  
Friendly blog-world: I appreciate your support!


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