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Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Wedding Cake!


I wanted to share photos of my wedding "cake" with you all!  If you are reading this blog, you're likely as obsessed with desserts as I am, so I know you'll appreciate these. :)  And no, I did not wind up making my own cupcakes - as many people warned me not too!  I think it was a very wise decision.  The cupcake tower structure that the cupcakes are sitting on are our latest product on  It worked wonderfully at the wedding!  We used it in our candy buffet, too for our hand-dipped chocolate covered items.  Yum!  Take a peek!!


My cake topper!  Yep, thats my pup on it, too :)


Here is the tower for the candy buffet.  We had around 40 pounds of other candy, too - like sour watermelons, chocolate covered pretzels, yogurt pretzels, chocolate covered gummy bears, neon sour worms, mini gummy bears, jelly rings, sour belts, and peachy penguins.  Guests got to take home a box full of candy!  We got all of our candy from


Unknown said...

Congratulations! The cupcake tower is so cool and I love your topper :)

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Love it!

Unknown said...

Stephanie! Thank you so much for sharing the pics from your wonderful wedding. I found your blog looking for a Nutella recipe and have become slightly addicted to all your recipes. I bake similarly to you. And knowing you were getting married I was intrigued by your personal life as well. You looked BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful day and mostly all of your wonderful baking adventures! Congratulations to you both! You make a great team.

Nana said...

Beautiful wedding pictures! The picture of you two outside looks like something from a high fashion magazine. Gorgeous! I like the cupcake stand. The topper is cute,too!

Eliana said...

Awww - so beautiful. Congratulations :)

Elizabeth Sanchez said...

I love making ice creams and cakes. I liked your wedding cake. I'll try to surprise my husband and children by making a delicious and well dressed cake as you did.


Sonia Monagheddu said...

^_^ congratulations!

Ingrid_3Bs said...

Congrats, Stephanie! That first photo is stunning. Thanks for sharing it and your "cake" with us!

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Wow wow wow your wedding looked awesome! That top pic of the two of you looks straight out of a's so professional! and I loved the richness of the red frosting in your cupcake tower. The stand is amazing and your candy buffet sounded delicious!!! Congrats!

Ms. Crisis said...

Congratulations! You and Daniel both look amazing in those pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

Stephanie said...

Thank you all so much for such sweet comments and kind words and wishes!!! :)

Ozoz said... Love the cakes and the photos are really gorgeous. Clink to many years of joy and peace!

apparentlyjessy said...

What a beautiful wedding cupcake tower, but it isn't anywhere near as beautiful as the bride and groom! Gorgeous pictures of a stunning couple!

candicakes said...

Where did you get your topper from?!

Stephanie said...

I got it from a lady on, her username is: "missnatch" - She was amazing to work with, and did a great job matching our topper to the look of my wedding dress, the colors of my husband's suit, and even the look of my little puppy!


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