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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cupcake Plunger Review


My blogging has been a bit slow lately because I've been busy getting used to the new job.  I'm teaching art to grades K-6 and it has been going very well - I'm very grateful!  I'm also very tired so my blogging has suffered a bit.  I'm sure not before long I'll be back in the swing of things baking up all kinds of goodies.  For now, I'll post the product review I promised a few weeks ago - the Cupcake Plunger.

I've made filled cupcakes before - a bunch of different kinds.  I've always done it using a knife and cutting a little cone out of the top of the cupcake, putting in the filling, and then replacing the cone.  It worked just fine, but it was a little time consuming and the size of the cone I cut out was never consistent.  Not too long ago, my mother in law got me one of these Cupcake Plungers by Chicago Metallic.  Pretty soon after getting it, I tried it out.  

The plunger gets pushed down into the top of the cupcake.  Then, with a twisting motion you pull the plunger back out and pop out the cupcake core with the spring.  Very simple!  It worked flawlessly for me.

I filled my cupcakes with peanut butter and fluff side-by-side.  I just put them both a zippy bag next to each other and piped it out as evenly as I could.  

Replace the cupcake core (cutting away some of it if necessary to get it to fit)


And then frost as usual.  It could be a nice surprise for a taste tester - they'd never know there was a filling inside!

Cross-section!  The plunger makes a nice even hole in the center of the cupcake.  

I'm very happy with this little gadget.  It makes it much easier to make cupcakes with a filling - and I'd probably be a lot more willing to do so now that I have this little thing.  This makes the task much quicker and more uniform.  I'd definitely recommend this product to a Cupcake-lovin' friend!


sabriena said...

That looks neat and the cupcake looks pretty stable in the cross section. Unlike my last filled cupcake which toppled over! haha

Anonymous said...

I typically use the cone method as well but this plunger seems to get more filling into the cupcake. Fantastic!

Eliana said...

I never even knew this existed but I think I need one in my life.


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