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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Upcoming Reviews!

Check out this cool little item my mother in law got for me:  Cupcake Plunger by Chicago Metallic.  This cupcake plunger takes out the center of a cupcake so you can put filling inside.  It says you can put the plunger inside the cupcake, take out the core, and then pop it out of the plunger.  Voila, a cored cupcake - ready to fill!  It also says you can use the plunger to get the perfect sized amount of solid filling to put inside the cupcake - such as ice cream or thick buttercream.  I'm thinking it would make fun two-flavored cupcakes by making vanilla cupcakes with chocolate cake centers and vice versa.  Plus, I'm really excited at the notion of making ice cream cupcakes in a much easier fashion than I have in the past.  They'd probably look prettier too!  Mmm, or brownie bites filled with peanut butter... As you can tell, I'm really excited to try this little gadget out.  What treats would you create with it?  After I use it I'll be sure to review how it worked out for me.  

Speaking of gadgets, I recently heard from CSN Stores, which means its time for another review!  CSN stores is a giant online retailer, with over 200 different online stores carrying... well... everything.  Seriously!  CSN has everything from swing sets and kids toys, to home decor, cooking and baking supplies, and shoes.  Everything!  Chances are if you're looking for it, CSN has it.  I may be 25 years old with no backyard and no children (besides a shih-tzu) but how cool are these swing sets for kids?  Don't even get me started on these giant water trampolines.  I seriously want one.  
 On top of having a wide selection, their pricing really is great.  And something that is very important to me when looking to buy something new, they also have customer submitted item reviews for their products, too.  I rarely buy anything without reading others reviews of it first!  

So stay tuned for an upcoming review or two of items from CSN Stores.  And in the mean time, check out this video: Trampoline Dodgeball.  You're never too old for some trampoline dodgeball.  


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