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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fireworks Cupcakes

So, I know. This post is a day late. I made them in time for the fourth of July, I'm just late in posting. I wanted to make some cute patriotic looking cupcakes that might be winners at the store, so I stuck with Vanilla cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream to appeal to everyone and just decorated them as American as I could.

I put what we called red "Freedom sprinkles" in the batter to make them a little more exciting. Aren't they cute?

Dan offered his spikey piping skills to help me make frosting that looks like an exploding firework.

Then to add even more American-ness, we stuck an American flag in it.

If you didn't buy one, you're un-American. Or something. Happy Fifth of July, everyone!!!


A said...

ah! So flipping cute.

Do you own a store? Where so?

cakewardrobe said...

Oh my gosh! Most spirited cupcakes ever!! Cute!

Stephanie said...

Its not my store, I sell my cupcakes (or try to) in my boyfriend's sister's candy store. It seems perhaps that a candy store / central florida is not the right audience for cupcakes! The only place in America that cupcakes aren't hot right now!

King said...

I can't do that..But look nice..Can test the ice cream..



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