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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

50 Best Cupcake Recipes on the Internet


This afternoon while sitting at home letting my novocaine wear off (being a dessert lover is not without its punishments... 3 cavities filled today), I was catching up on some blog reading and saw that All Things Cupcake mentioned a post by Restless Chipotle called the 50 Best Cupcake Recipes on the Internet.  Sounds amazing, right?  I know, so I had to go check it out.  What did I find?  My very own Turtle Brownie Cupcakes made the list!  How exciting!  I am very honored to be included!  

You'll definitely want to check out this collection of cupcake recipes on Restless Chipotle.  I mean... Browned butter banana rum cupcakes?  Apple crisp cupcakes?  Snickerdoodle cupcakes?  Yep, you'll definitely want to read all 50 recipes... and eat them, too.  

Thanks Marye at Restless Chipotle!!


Fallon said...

Wow!! Thanks for sharing the link and congrats on making it on the list!

Eliana said...

Congrats on being selected. This cupcake definitely looks like a winner.

Ingrid_3Bs said...

Awesome! Congrats.

Marye said...

Aww thank YOU for mentioning it! Hope you are feeling better. :)
Marye @


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