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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Need a better way to display Cake Pops?

I do love Cake Pops.  Cake is good, and cake with frosting is good, too, but there is something absolutely magical about mixing the two together.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good cupcake. But when you bite into a chocolate or candy coated cake and frosting ball, it is like a little bite-sized dream.  
The first time I made cake pops, it took me such a long time.  I was still getting used to the process.  My melting wafers kept hardening, things got clumpy and those little cake balls kept falling off the stick.  When I was finally done, they looked OK...a little on the lumpy side.  Now, I've done them a few more times and I've gotten a little better at it.  I learned to use a little chocolate tempering pot to avoid clumping, I learned to coat the cake pops in sanding sugar (it hides those lumps perfectly and adds a delicious crunch!).  But it still takes time, it is definitely not a 1-2-3-DONE preparation.  
So, when I'm all done making cake pops and I'm ready to show them off and serve them to friends, the LAST THING I want is to serve them on an ugly or unreliable display.  I've seen tissue paper wrapped styrofoam blocks used to hold the cake pops' sticks, which can look half decent, but something scares me about putting those precious little pops in styrofoam.  Will they stay standing?!?
We came up with these two new products to solve this problem.  

First, we made a 3-Tier Cake Pop Stand.  It is kind of like the mini-version of our Cupcake and Treat Towers, made specifically for Cake Pops (or Lollipops if you are so inclined).  Just like our Towers it is size adjustable, so it can hold 16, 32, or 40 cake pops.  It is the same great PVC material that can be easily wiped down and taken apart for storing flat.

For more information on the Cake Pop Stand click HERE to visit The Smart Baker.

Second, we made a set of Cake Pop Rings - a Cake Pop accessory for our 5-Tier Round Cupcake and Treat Tower.  It is a set of 5 rings - each ring is made to fit on a tier on the Cupcake and Treat Tower and  has holes to hold Cake Pop Sticks.  This item I am really excited about - Now your cupcake tower can double as a cake pop tower!  Plus, it allows you to be really creative with your Cupcake and Treat Tower.  Use all of the rings to hold up to 124 Cake Pops, or use a few rings - alternate a tier of cupcakes, then a tier of cake pops.  You can pick and choose which rings you'd like to use and which tiers you'd like to use for standard cupcakes.  
For more on Cake Pop Rings accessory for the 5-Tier Round Cupcake and Treat Tower, click HERE to visit The Smart Baker. 
ps - we'll be adding square Cake Pop Rings for our Square Cupcake and Treat Tower soon.


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