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Friday, June 3, 2011

Furbaby Friday


This is a special edition of Furbaby Fridays dedicated to Molly, my first dog ever.  Growing up we never had pets, not even fish, so when my Mom showed up after work one night with a tiny little shih-tzu puppy, my sister and I were equally shocked and delighted.

We got Molly when I was in ninth grade, and we quickly became a family of dog lovers.  Yup, the crazy kind that are obsessed with their pups.  When Molly was 6 months old, we got Maggie and the two of them were always together.  

Molly and Maggie

When my own dog Sadie was a baby, with Molly in the background (Molly and Maggie weren't too fond of my baby Sadie at first)

At the end of last week, Molly got sick and was taken to the vet immediately.  My mom found out she had an auto immune disease and within 5 days, my first pup Molly had passed away despite my family doing everything possible to save her.  We'll miss you and love you always, Molly, and I know you're in-heaven barking at passersby and eating greenies every night.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your fur-baby loss . As a dog lover myself, Ive had to say goodbye to a couple of family members too. Love the fur- baby Fridays!

Jennifer Lynn Jordan said...

I also know that up in heaven, she has fallen asleep with her tongue sticking out and it's gone rock hard!


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