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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stylish Blogger


Recently, I got an email that I received a Stylish Blogger award from Stephanie at Cupcakes and Sundry.  Thanks so much Stephanie!  I'm completely flattered.  Cupcakes and Sundry is a great food blog that you really shouldn't miss (umm Coffee & Donut cupcakes?! YUM).  So I am extra honored to receive this from her!  Plus, she's got a great name. :)

Those who receive this award:

  • must link to the person who awarded it to you
  • share 7 things about yourself
  • must award five recently discovered blogs
  • contact those blogs and tell them how stylish you think they are!
Thanks again, Stephanie!  I'm excited to be able to nominate some of my favorite blogs. 
But first, 7 things about myself:
  • Baking fact: I started baking after moving from University of Miami back home to NY.   Going from 85+ degrees to negative temperatures was too shocking to be able to go outside at all.  So I spent my time teaching myself to bake!  Now it is an obsession and a de-stresser. 
  • Career fact: I’m a brand new K-6 Art teacher.  I graduated in December and in February I was lucky enough to be offered a full time elementary art position.  It has been an interesting journey so far! 
  • College fact: My undergraduate degree was in Art History and after a semester in Italy, I now sometimes daydream about an alternate universe where I could be an art restorer in Florence. 
  • Personal Business fact: I have a baking products business with my husband – keep your eye on The Smart Baker because we are rapidly expanding!  Several new products coming out soon (I’m super excited about these new products, I can hardly wait to tell you about them!)
  • Crazy Dog Mom fact: I’m obsessed with my shih-tzu, Sadie.  She appears on my blog from time to time. 
  • Nerd fact: I love art historical fan fiction.  The saucier the better.
  • Mega Nerd fact:  My thesis during my undergraduate degree was entitled, “Roman Women: A study of public sculpture and its significance in the Augustan program of cultural reform”.  Yep, I’m a mega ancient Rome nerd. 
The five blogs I nominate for the stylish blog award are:


oneordinaryday said...

Thank you, Stephanie! I liked reading all your facts. I'll have to give this some thought... : )

Kerry said...

Thank you for the award! I'll have to try & come up with 7 things about myself. I'm so jealous you got to spend a semester in Italy! I bet that was amazing. I started baking for the same reason as you too, after moving back home from college. It really is the best de-stresser ever.


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