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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet Melissa Sundays: Chocolate Orange Macaroons - Coconut & Almond


Is it ever the case with you that you just know you don't like something? The thought of chocolate and orange together is not something that sounds good to me, though I can't specifically remember ever actually trying it. I've seen Giada make delicious looking goodies with this "classic combination" and singing its praises after tasting it, but in my brain the two just don't seem to go together very well. But, how often do we ever try the things that we just innately know we don't like? They say your taste buds change likes and dislikes every 7 years, so shouldn't we really give the things we think we don't like another shot every so often? I only recently discovered that I like coconut... So, why not give it a try with the chocolate-orange combo? Maybe I'll like that, too. That is exactly why I decided to give this week's recipe a shot.

Since I didn't know how I felt about them yet, I decided to halve the recipe. Since the fiance does not like coconut, I halved that recipe again and did some with coconut and the others with chopped slivered almonds (I got this idea from Gloria of the blog Gingersnap Girl! Thanks, Gloria! See her post here)

They were a breeze to put together. The longest part of making these was probably the chopping of the chocolate, which didn't take more than a few minutes.

So how did I feel about them? Well, it turns out I don't hate chocolate-orange. I don't think I love it either, but I definitely don't hate it. :) I liked the consistency of the ones with the finely chopped almonds. But, it turns out Daniel does dislike chocolate-orange, so those weren't a big hit. The coconut variety was good too, however, next time I'd try to maybe roll the lumps of macaroon "dough" into balls to avoid the straggler pieces of coconut from sticking out - those pieces got too crispy and crunchy in the oven and took away from the pleasant overall texture of the cookie. I'd like to give this recipe another shot with other flavors, too.

Chocolate-Orange Almond Macaroons:



Chocolate-Orange Coconut Macaroons:


Thanks for hosting this week, Ellen, and expanding my taste buds! See Ellen's blog, Blue Tree Green Heart, for the recipe. And be sure to visit the rest of the SMS bakers to see their take on this week's cookies. For a list of the SMS Bakers who participated this week, click HERE.


Chats the Comfy Cook said...

I finally found someone whose cookies look more like mine, just not burnt. I just realized, I used my convection oven which I have not used in years and years and probably did not readjust the time, properly.

They were delicious and yours look ready to be bitten into with a smile on your face.

Gloria - The Ginger Snap Girl said...

Your macaroons look tasty! I love that you tried the almond variety as well. :) I wish I had done both too. After seeing everyone's cookies, I really want to try a coconut version (even though I know I'm not a huge lover of coconut because of the texture...but I saw Chaya's tip finely ground the coconut...I'm very tempted to give them a shot). Glad to hear you gave the chocolate and orange flavor combo a try. That's what so cool about SMS....trying new stuff. Great job on your cookies!

Flourchild said...

Im glad you enjoyed the recipe. They look packed full of goodness!
I will try this recipe someday when Im not so busy! My girls had their wisdom teeth pulled and I have been the nurse of the house..not the!!

Future Grown-Up said...

Totally agree with the thinking you don't like something and then you realize that it was a idea you picked up a long time ago.

That said, love the idea of adding almonds in place of the coconut. I am a big chocolate/coconut fan so these look wonderful to me.

Mrs. G said...

I'm glad you gave this a try. Your variation sounds great.

Julie said...

Your cookies look beautiful. I love their shape. Almonds what a great idea! Yum!

Lot-O-Choc said...

mmm wow these macaroons sound delicious! great job!

Tessa said...

Subbing almonds is a variation I never would have thought of. Glad the recipe ended up working out for you, but sorry your fiance didn't like them as much :-(

Unknown said...

Me and avocado - the perfect example of knowing I don't like something without ever having tried it. I keep saying I'm going to buy one so I can finally find out how I actually feel but I keep chickening out :)

Your macaroons are beautiful! I love the contrast in shape between the ones with the almonds and the ones with the coconut. Bummer that they weren't a hit but good for you trying the chocolate/orange combo!

Mara Campbell said...

How fun that you mixed up the recipe! I am not a huge fan of chocolate and orange but I thought it worked in this recipe. Your cookies look great!!

Spike said...

I like your two versions. Sorry the orange/chocolate combo wasn't a big winner

rebecca @ beurrista said...

So I'm figuring that you didn't ever have a Terry's Chocolate Orange growing up... which is when I first tasted the choco-orange combination, as a child.

They come in milk or dark!

I'm glad you tried it out two ways. They both look great.

Eliana said...

Good for you for trying them anyway. I am really digging the lovely color they got and their shape too. Bravo.

Lucie said...

I'm glad you don't totally dislike the chocolate orange combination after all! I love it and would probably have wayyy too many of your cookies if I came near them. Meaning, I will try these!

MissCandiquik said...

Reminds me of a candy bar I saw this wk.end - chocolate with orange...initially I thought, gross - however, tasted really good! And wow...isn't it true that our tastes change...or should I say, broaden. Thanks for the post :)


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