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Monday, August 1, 2011

Chocolate Mint Thumbprint Cookies

Yesterday, I made two desserts.  The first is one of the most tropical, summery things I've ever made (Mango Sorbet... post to come soon).  And the second is Chocolate Mint Thumbprint Cookies, which, taste testers agreed, "taste like Christmas!"  The seasons are a little confused here in this house.  But both the Christmas cookies and the summery sorbet were very well received, no matter what season it really is.  

The Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies were chosen by Jamie of Random Acts of Food as this week's recipe for Club: BAKED.  I've only fairly recently discovered that the combination of Chocolate and Mint is not overwhelmingly gross.  Up until last summer, even the scent of mint in my desserts completely disgusted me.  Daniel's Chocolate Mint oreos had to be stored in a double layer of plastic storage bag and in a separate drawer to prevent the mint aroma from infecting and absorbing into my oreos.  As far as I was concerned, mint was only good in chewing gum.  But after growing my own fresh mint plant and including some of it in a Chocolate Mint cookie, I realized it's actually pretty darn delicious.  Chocolate and Mint seems like one of those flavor combinations you either LOVE or you HATE.  Which side are you on?

I prepared this recipe exactly as written in the Baked Explorations book.  I'm glad I did, because they came out terrific.  I'd love to try these with fresh mint leaves!  If you're making these, be prepared to have some seriously chocolatey hands!  The dough, even after chilled, was very messy.  But it was worth it!

Be sure to visit the Club:BAKED site to see how the other bakers fared with this recipe.  And visit Random Acts of Food for the recipe.  


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