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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Piping Pretty Cupcakes!

So, a few readers have asked how I get my cute little frosting tops. This is the frosting recipe I use. The consistency always comes out perfect for piping on to cupcakes. I put it in a piping bag fit with the Large Coupler, and I'm not sure the exact number tip I use...I'm not near it right now...but it is one pretty close in size to the the 1M from Wilton. Other recommendations I have is to make enough or more than enough frosting to cover the cupcakes. You'll want to pile the frosting high to get that swirly-tower-of-frosting look. And you'll also want to start on the edge of the cupcake, spiraling inward... its hard to describe in words, so just watch! :)

Here is a video of Daniel piping some frosting on to our Turtle Brownie Cupcakes:


Para i familiaku said...

Your blog makes me happy! Thank you for posting recipes! My daughter's birthday is next week and I was thinking of making some Halloween cupcakes but was not sure how I would decorate them, the witch hats from kisses candies looks great, and I think I will make it! I posted your blog as a link on my blog!

Anonymous said...

i love the name of your blog!!! in my mind, it's more like ice cream for dinner haha these cupcakes are adorable!

James said...

Thanks for the video! Those quick eight seconds show everything we need to know!

Ingrid_3Bs said...

Thanks for the video "how to"!


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