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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet! By Good Golly Miss Holly: Cupcakery Review

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Until recently, I think I had been a bit ahead of the cupcake-game in the Central Florida area. In New York and LA, every turn you make you are met with another sweet shop, filling their cases with various cakelets topped with towering mounds of fluffy frosting. But here, not the case. For the most part, you can only find cupcakes mass-made at your local Publix... until recently, that is. On July 3rd, 2008 Sweet! By Good Golly Miss Holly, cupcakery and frozen yogurtery, celebrated their opening in the Waterford Lakes Town Center in Orlando, right down the block from UCF. Since you get a free cupcake when you sign up for their mailing list, I had no excuse not to go check it out and do some "research".
Well, its an adorable little place. A minimalist, happy, cheerful interior. I walked up to the counter to check out what they had. They have "Breakfast Cupcakes," (muffins... cute.) "Original" cupcakes for $3, and slightly smaller "Classic" cupcakes for $2.50. They have a menu of certain cupcakes they feature every day, and other flavors that rotate daily. The friendly cupcake dude at the counter handed me my free Original Cookies and Cream cupcake and I went home to do the real experimentation... Eating it!

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Its a pretty decent sized cupcake - more than enough for me and the boy to split. We cut it into 4 slices and prepared our very critical, cupcake-expert tastebuds. It was a very tasty cupcake - the cake part itself was very good. Moist, but not too moist, and held together very well. And the frosting? Also very good, but me and Daniel both agreed it tasted rather commercial, like it came out of a Betty Crocker can... which of course is delicious, but not what we were expecting. It even had the same thick-ish, dry, sturdier texture of frosting from a can. Not as wet and squishy as home-made frosting. (How DOES one achieve frosting with that kind of consistency with home-made frosting? If anyone knows of a recipe, let me know! I think stiffening my frosting consistency will be my next baking quest, so that they are better suited for transport home in a little take-out box. I'd love to achieve that texture frosting but with the taste of my home-made frosting.) Though, theirs is probably closer to the flavor of frosting people grew up knowing, as most parents probably didn't send cupcakes with home-made buttercream frosting to elementary school with their kids for their birthday. It just wasn't as "Gourmet" as we expected it to be.

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Not until the cupcake was 3/4 gone, did we realize that there was an ooey-gooey cookie-ish filling:

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I apologize for the less than appetizing picture, but thats as good as I could get in a hurry (we wanted to finish eating it). So, overall it was a very good cupcake. Though Dan said he didn't really get a "cookies and cream" flavor from it. But I think I'll have to do some more "research" of the other flavors before I reach a final conclusion. :) That key lime cupcake did look quite good...


Meg said...

Another yummy cupcake post! This one would be my favorite with all those cookie crumbs!

Meg said...

I can give you a number to contact if you want to order some sweet potato butter from where I got it. I think if you google "Stribling's sweet potato butter" you find another place that sells it! It is YUMMY!

A said...

Eh. Your ideas are more original and look (& I'm sure taste) better

Anonymous said...

Love cookies and cream!

grace said...

the best cupcakes are ones stuffed some sort of gooey concoction. no, scratch that--the best cupcakes are ones stuffed some sort of gooey concoction and topped with a non-betty-crocker-like frosting. :)
meanwhile, is yogurtery a word? it should be. :)

J said...

all of that looks appetizing! even the last picture!

Suzi said...

Looks awesome. I am with you on the lack of cupcake bakeries. We have one I *think* in the Twin Cities area, and, judging by the name of my blog, I would love it if more were to open! Sure looks good!

Anonymous said...

Sweet is my new addiction since moving to Orlando. The first time I had one was at a party and was so disappointed I didn't get a chance to finish it that I dragged my boyfriend there a week later. I got the Peanut Butter that even had a little Reese's Cup on top and he got a Cookies and Cream. The peanut butter was delicious and I personally thought the frosting was amazing, definitely the best part. After my bf finished his he apologized because he realized that he had eaten it so fast that he forgot to offer me some haha. I've brought other friends since and they've all loved it. The High Hat was also really good, with hard chocolate over the frosting. The Boston Cream was ok but not my personal favorite. Will be getting some tomorrow to take home when I visit my family. Can't wait to try the frozen yogurt which I've heard is also wonderful!


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