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Monday, September 17, 2012

Heartland Turtle Bars

How do you feel about nuts in your baked goods?  A lot of people love mix-ins like walnuts in their brownies and peanut in their cookies.  But a lot of people absolutely hate that, too.  I don't really care either way.  While I don't hate nuts in desserts, I don't love it either.  So a dessert like Heartland Turtle Bars with toasted chopped pecans is not something I'd pick out to make, but I'm glad it came up in Club Baked.  These were simple to make and they were a total hit.  The oatmeal cookie part is nice and soft, and the pecan adds a little bit of a crunch.  The caramel recipe was very low maintenance and a cinch to throw together.  I definitely would not hesitate to make these again.... and I may have to because I want to eat them again :) 
Thanks to Julie for hosting and selecting this recipe!  It got me baking "outside of my box" and we absolutely loved it.  Be sure to visit Julie's site, Little Bit of Everything for the recipe and visit the Club Baked site to see how the other bakers' Turtle Bars came out.  


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