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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Club Baked: Malted Waffles... a flop

If you were to go out to eat for breakfast, what are you are most likely to order?  For my husband Daniel, 99% of the time it'd be belgian waffles.  We've even made them at home quite a bit with lots of different recipes.  So I guess you could say he's a bit of a waffle connoisseur.  

These waffles... just didn't turn out so great.  But I know it is most likely a result of my own doing... I cheated!  Instead of being un-lazy and making the drive to the grocery store that is a little bit further away where they carry buttermilk, I was lazy and subbed milk + buttermilk powder.  I know the substitution usually works out when it is in a baked good, and I did have my concerns using it in this type of batter.  Alas, I used it anyway.  As a result, my waffles didn't get puffy and were actually quite thin and floppy.  But I don't blame the recipe!

The taste however was still very good.  And the floppiness didn't stop us from eating the whole thing.  I will have to try this again when I have real buttermilk on hand.  To see the recipe, visit Teri's blog, The Freshman Cook.  To see how these waffles turned out for other Club Baked Bakers, click here (they probably followed the recipe and didn't cheat like me!)


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