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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To kick off baking in the new house...

No blogging as of late... life has been filled with moving, unpacking, buying furniture, trying to find things in boxes, and cramming for midterms and presentations. Whew! When I finally got a break from all the chaos, I made what has got to be one of the easiest recipes I have made to date. Owing to the fact that the pantry didn't have many of the baking basics yet, I had to search for very simple recipes (and since the pantry was lacking granulated sugar, it narrowed my recipe pool down quite a bit). I found this Paula Deen recipe and it seemed perfect. By the time I actually got around to baking, we had picked up some granulated sugar so I could have baked almost anything, but I stuck to this "Brown Sugar Chewies" recipe I had found because it looked so good.

I followed the recipe exactly and it was very easy to do. Everything came together really really quickly and you practically use only one bowl. The best thing about it was that after it came out of the oven it proved to be not only a cinch to make, but delicious.

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I think mine were a little undercooked in the middle, even though I kept it in the oven 3 minutes longer than it said to... but they tasted juuuust right that way. They were chewy, a little gooey, and the outside was perfectly crumbly. They were good right away when still warm, and tasted great the day after and the day after that. Note to self: when lazy and craving something sweet - Will make again. More posts coming soon!


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