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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

And The Quest Goes On...

During my quest for the perfect cupcake, one of the bloggies that I go to most often featured the most beautifullll little chocolate cupcakes. I bookmarked it thinking I'd probably never get the chance to make them since Daniel doesn't really like chocolate. Fortunately, he got a request for chocolate cupcakes about 3 days later for someone's birthday, and we went straight to this recipe. (I'm not going to post the recipe since I made very few changes, it can be found here - thanks so much for posting it for us!!) We halved the recipe for both the cupcake and frosting, and used little baby muffin sized tins instead, and got 15 of the little cuties.

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In the oven, they plumped nice and fluffily.

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When they got out of the oven, though, they shrunk down a lot, and very quickly.

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But when the frosting was piped on, and some Nestle crunch ice cream topping (a new sample product my dad gave me) was sprinkled on top, they looked quite adorable.

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Hehe, cute candle, I couldn't resist the polka dot candle picture, sorry!

We were able to wait until after refrigeration to share a sample, and they tasted amazing! They got quite good reviews - even from 2 people who "don't like chocolate"!!. They were really moist, yet not dense & heavy, & the frosting reminded me and Daniel of a light cheesecakey/mousse flavor and consistency.

One of my go to recipes for chocolate cupcakes now!! Thanks for giving up this recipe to us! The quest for the perfect vanilla cupcake will have to continue, since those are the bf's favorite (and the ones he can eat 5 of for breakfast).

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Jennifer Lynn Jordan said...

It really is not fair that you make all these scrumptious treats when I can't taste them. Next time I come I want some carrot cookie sandwiches things AND these. And you need to teach me how to pipe like that, it's gorgeous.


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