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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pre-Holiday Baking

Oops. I'm a little late. We did these pre-holiday Smores Bars quite a while ago, but the past few weeks have been pretty eventful. We were in Christmas for about 2 weeks and were busy busy the whole time. Hopefully sooner than later I'll get to posting all the Christmas goodies we made, and the Post-Christmas Christmas cupcakes.

This recipe for Smores Bars came off of Hershey's Website here. The only difference between their recipe and mine was we used one less chocolate bar. We just broke up three of their regular bars and spaced apart the pieces a little bit, like this...
Image Hosted by

The final product after the next fluff layer and the top cookie layer (which was kinda difficult, so we wound up making little flat sheets of the dough in our hands and puzzle-piecing it on top of the fluff layer) came out like this:
Image Hosted by

They tasted great warm, out of the oven... but surprisingly they were even better once we impatiently allowed them to cool. They were such a big hit, we would up making a second batch for Daniel to take to work, and they were gobbled up within a half hour. I definitely recommend this recipe if your sweet tooth needs a little fix!


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